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J. Ganson 

I apologize for putting watermarks on these photos. I personally think they are most annoying Thanks for your understanding.

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8. China, Yunnan, Xinghua Village: silver spoon manufacuring Work essentially done in the courtyard of one's home

11. China, Sichuan, Wanglang Nature Reserve: Rushing water over rocks Totally abstract abstract

12. China, Sichuan, Bai Ma Village: Lunch the larder hanging before cooking (abstract)

20a. China, Sichuan: Jiuzhai Gou Nature Reserve: Water Bubbles high speed closeup of water falling over rocks

22. China, Sichuan, Mt Emei Elephant Temple in fog As a storm was approaching and the top was evacuated. Somewhat of a fantasy.

23. China, Hong Kong, street scene: Three Umbrullas (Thoroughly abstract)

27. China, Yunnan, Kunming: Close Close-up of Pizza Extreme closeup of pizza and holder.

31. China, Sichuan, Wanglang Nature Reserve: Waterscape Totally abstract.