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1.China, Sichuan: Jiuzhai Gou Nature Reserve: branch in water. The brilliant blue green color is caused by travertine in the water.

2. China, Sichuan Chengdu, Wuhou Ci Shrine: Men painting temple wall. This shrine in the center of the city includes over 9 acres of gardens, ponds.

3.China, Yunnan, Lijiang Old Town: Nightroofs. Housing development roofs at night

4. China, Sichuan, Jiangyou: Li Bai memorial Hall Roof Built in 1962 to commemorate the 1200th anniverersary of the death of Li Bai. Note the detail on the roof ridge.

5.China, Sichuan, Jiajiang Valley: Card Players Announcer for some sort of card game.

6.China, Yunnan, Lijiang Old Town: Night Scene Look carefully- there are rather a large number of people (note the restaurant in the background).

7.China, Yunnan Lijiang Old Town: Great Big Lock The bigger the lock the better the security.

8. China, Yunnan, Xinghua Village: silver spoon manufacuring Work essentially done in the courtyard of one's home

9. China, Sichuan, Chengdu, Wenshu Yuan Temple: Wheelbarrow and Motorcycle Look carefully- the spokes are made from rebar!

10.China, Sichuan,Tangjiahe Nature Reserve: Ripples in the Water looking into the brilliance of reflections in a shallow brook

11. China, Sichuan, Wanglang Nature Reserve: Rushing water over rocks Totally abstract abstract

12. China, Sichuan, Bai Ma Village: Lunch the larder hanging before cooking (abstract)

13. China, Sichuan, Tangjiahe Nature Reserve: Frosty Morning. Very abstract view of trees

14. China, Sichuan,Chengdu: View from Tianfu Hotel Look closely at the street- as always in China, lots of people

15.China flight from Hong Kong to Chengdu: reading in airplane at 20,00 feet above Chengdu Just like any airplane trip.

16. China, Sichuan,Chengdu Sichuan Opera: Shadow Puppet Extraordinary slight of hand.

17.China, Hong Kong YMCA mirrored elevator The use of mirrors to 'expand' space- this in an elevator.

18. China, Yunnan, Xinghua Village Dragon and Green Bicycle Dragon about to go for a ride (dragon is a casting form).

19 China, Yunnan, Erhai Lake, Jinsuo Dao, Courtyard with roofs and red umbrullas.

20a. China, Sichuan: Jiuzhai Gou Nature Reserve: Water Bubbles high speed closeup of water falling over rocks

20b. China, Sichuan: Jiuzhai Gou Nature Reserve: Water cascading down rocks. 20a & 20b are interpretations of single image

21. China, Sichuan, Wanglang Nature Reserve: Green Field Almost more of a forest- a friendly place.

22. China, Sichuan, Mt Emei Elephant Temple in fog As a storm was approaching and the top was evacuated. Somewhat of a fantasy.

23. China, Hong Kong, street scene: Three Umbrullas (Thoroughly abstract)

25. China, Sichuan, Jiang Yo: Mechanic's Work Bench In a garage by the road side

26. China, Yunnan, Zhou Cheng Village: Gate Ironwork One of many.

27. China, Yunnan, Kunming: Close Close-up of Pizza Extreme closeup of pizza and holder.

28. China, Sichuan, near Leshan: Flax making Hands Seeds are shelled from flax husk

29. China, Sichuan, Wanglang Nature Reserve: Rose and Sculpture. Sculpture in front of hotel.

30. China, Sichuan: Jiuzhai Gou Nature Reserve: Sculpted Water deep blue green color comes from travertine in the water.

31. China, Sichuan, Wanglang Nature Reserve: Waterscape Totally abstract.

32. China, Yunnan, Kunming, Green Lake Park: Stroller with Umbrulla Actually a normal Sunday

33. China, Yunnan, Dali, Cang Shan Mountain: Ancient Cemetary From chair lift looking down- scattered tombs

36. China, Sichuan, near Leshan: Misty City From river towards city, quite abstract